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Please follow the simple steps and kindly comply with terms of service

Register: participants need to register for lesson packages & group packages.

Approve: please hand registration form to Oz Tennis™ Team for discussion & approval. 

Secure: fill out payment slip with payment & hand to Oz Tennis™ Team 2 weeks prior session.

Payment: is accepted by cash or cheque when at:

*The Club @ Bukit Utama (non-club members 10% surcharge)- Bukit Utama County Sdn Bhd

*d’Tempat Country Club (non-club members 10% surcharge)- Scivetti Tennis and Sports Management Sdn Bhd

*School, Corporate & other official venues– Scivetti Tennis and Sports Management Sdn Bhd

Renewal: to ensure you retain current package(s), renewal must be done 2 weeks prior to completion.

We reserve the right to cancel any lesson or group package.

All sessions need to be prepaid & booked-in (please follow steps).

Please note, no cancellations & no refunds.

All tennis sessions are conducted by appointment, package bases only & are fixed accordingly:

- lesson packages are 4 lessons, fixed at same day & time, within maximum 6 weeks.

Replacement available if another client is unable to attend their lesson & your coach shall notify.

- group packages are monthly, we guarantee 4 sessions same month.

Replacement available alternate group day offered.

We are closed national public holidays.

Due to professional liability, attendance of all classes is restricted to coach & player only.

To maintain focus & intellectual property, no cameras or filming is permitted.

Please note, failing to comply with terms, will result in loss of regular session(s).

At the coaches discretion, a client’s session may be postponed due to their poor health or injury.


Please ask Oz Tennis Team, The Club or school for registration form & payment slip

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