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Jason Scivetti

Jason served his coaching apprenticeship in the world’s most famous tennis school, the Nick Bollettieri Sports Academy. He worked with famous tennis stars Tommy Haas, Mark Philippoussis, Marcelo Rios, Mary Pierce and Anna Kournikova.

Jason was himself a promising Australian junior and was under the tutelage of renowned tennis coach Charlie Hollis, who taught greats like Rod Laver, Mal Anderson, Roy Emerson, Wally Masur, Mark Edmondson, and Todd Woodbridge.

Grand Slam events coached:










Jason has developed and managed numerous elite players:

· Steven Popovic, 2001 winner 14's Australian Championship and achieved No.1 in Australia.

· Raphael Durek, 1999 No.1 in Australia under 14, winner 14's Australian Championship and winner of the N.S.W State Championship.

· Natalie Ko, 1998 No.2 in Australia under 14, winner 14's N.S.W State Championship.

· Nicole Kriz, 1999 No.1 in Australia and winner 16's Australian Championship.

· Monique Adamczak, 1998 No.1 in Australia and winner National Championship.

· Christina Horiatopoulos, 1998 No.10 in Australia under 16 and runner-up N.S.W State Championship.

· Andrew Thomas, 2004-2007 reached 13 I.T.F World Junior ranking and 847 A.T.P men’s tour.

Coach Raffaele

A good coach is not only one who teaches and trains, but who impacts every component of the student/athlete’s development.  Whether it is physical or mental, technical, tactical or social, the team coach’s role is to encourage our student/athletes to fully develop their overall potential.


It is with pride that we list our coaches from whom not only more is expected, but from whom more is a part of their daily routine.

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OZ Tennis Team

Mina, Harris, Nadia, Leon and Raffaele drive our specialised Oz tennis programmes.

They are immensely experienced and extremely passionate about:

· Oz tots

· Oz champs

· Young guns

· Top gun

· Cardio tennis™ new to Malaysia

Andrew Thomas, 18’s Australian National Champion 2007

Coach Nadia

Coach Harris

Coach Leon

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Advanced coach with TCA (Tennis Coaches Australia) and TA (Tennis Australia), with over 20 years of experience teaching beginners to professional players.

Coach Mina

Jason served his coaching apprenticeship

Nick Bollettieri Sports Academy